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Flood Mapping

Rock Island County Zoning and Building Department has all FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps available for viewing during normal business hours. Please note that FEMA no longer has printed versions of the maps available for sale. They have moved to all digital maps. Visit the FEMA Flood Map Service Center.

Maps are an effective method of communicating information about flood hazards. Residents and businesses that are aware of potential flood hazards can take steps to avoid problems and/or reduce their exposure to flooding. Communities are the best source of map information because they can often supplement and clarify the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) with maps, and with information on additional hazards, flooding outside mapped areas, development regulations that affect floodplain properties, flood insurance, natural floodplain functions, and property protection measures.

A map information service can greatly help a community’s residents as well as its banks, insurance agents, real estate agents, and anyone else who needs flood hazard information. This public service is particularly helpful to those who have trouble reading maps, people from out of town, and those who do not have access to the latest maps or all the hazard information available in the community.

Rock Island County employs two Certified Floodplain Managers that are capable to locate properties based on an address and provide residents with custom maps reflecting the FEMA’s FIRM’s. We also have available more detailed local information, records of flooding, Elevation Certificates and LOMAs. Requests can be handled via email: dmoslehi@co.rock-island.il.us with subject=Flood Information, however, residents are encouraged to call 309-558-3771 or visit the office. Floodplain regulations and Flood Insurance are complicated matters.

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