Treasurer's Office:

Treasurer's Office

Paying your Real Estate Tax Payments By Mail

Payments by Mail:

  • Taxes paid by mail should be accompanied by the applicable stub or stubs that agree with your payment. (Keep the larger portion of the statement for your records).
  • Mail your check or money order, made payable to the County Collector, and applicable stub or stubs to:
Rock Island County Collector
P. O. Box 3277
Rock Island, IL 61204-3277
  • Your cancelled check can serve as your receipt when paying by mail.
  • Persons paying in cash, must pay in person and will receive a receipt.
  • Taxes not paid or postmarked by the due dates are subject to interest.
  • Under state law, only U.S. postmarks (not metered dates) may be used to determine whether payments are timely and to determine whether penalties are due.
  • Payments may be returned if they lack adequate information for processing, such as the original payment coupon or a check for an incorrect amount.
  • Neither failure to receive a tax statement, nor receiving one late will relieve the taxpayer from paying the taxes or any penalties which may become due.
  • Installments equal to at least one-fourth the total tax are due on or before the due dates shown on the front of this statement, or the full tax may be paid by the first installment due date.
  • State law requires the installments not paid by the due dates shall have interest added at the rate of 1 1/2% per month or part of a month until paid, sold, or forfeited.
  • No second notice will be mailed covering your third and fourth installment, as all four stubs are included with your original tax bill.
  • Payments by mail are also accepted for drainage taxes and mobile home taxes.
  • Payments received in the Treasurer's Office after November 29th, 2021, must be paid by cash, cashier's check, certified check or money order.
  • The last day that property tax payments will be accepted is December 29, 2021. Taxes not paid by December 29 will be sold at the Rock Island County Tax Sale on December 30, 2021.

Please contact the Rock Island County Treasurer's Office at (309) 558-3510 if you have any questions.

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