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Field Descriptions:
Billing Name: The name to whom property tax bills are mailed.  This name is not necessarily the "owner of record".  Please contact the Rock Island County Recorder's Office to obtain the "owner of record".
Township: Rock Island County is a township form of government consisting of 18 townships.  Most property is locally assessed by township assessors. The work of township and multi-township assessors is subject to supervision and revision by the chief county assessment officer. The chief county assessment officer is appointed by the county board. The chief county assessment officer must have a minimum of two years of relevant experience, pass a qualifying examination, and possess a professional appraisal designation.
Parcel: When used with the two-digit number representing the Township, the parcel number is used to identify the property.
PIN Number:

Also know as the "Property Index Numbering System", the permanent parcel numbering system is simply a description, by numerical reference, to land parcels on assessment maps. Any particular parcel of property in the county can be located by its respective Permanent Parcel Number. The connection between the maps and the individual property records requires that permanent numbers be assigned to all survey townships, sections, blocks, lots and tracts where taxable or exempt. The various parts of the property index number described above combine to form a ten-digit property identification number.

The component parts are always listed in the same sequence: The first two digits represent the Survey Township or Area; the third and fourth digits represent the section or sub area; the digits in the fifth through the seventh position represent the block number and the last three digits represent the lot or parcel number. (In city, village, or subdivided areas where blocks are divided into lots, each lot or parcel is given a three digit number starting with 001 in the northwest corner of the block. The remaining lots in the block are numbered successively in an easterly direction for blocks with the long axis east and west, and are numbered in a southerly direction for blocks with the long axis north and south)

Property Address: The physical address assigned to the property location. If the parcel is "land only", it may not have a property address.
Acres: Acreage of property. If acreage=0, this information is not available at this time.
Legal Description:

The property description reflected in recorded deeds.  In many cases, this is in an abbreviated format.  To obtain the full, unabbreviated legal description, please contact the Rock Island County Recorder's Office.

Zoning Classification: Represents the Zoning Classification as assigned by Rock Island County. Only zoning classifications for unincorporated Rock Island County and Hillsdale are maintained by the Zoning and Building Department.  For all other jurisdictions, please contact the listed office for any zoning classifications or requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
How can I get more detailed information about a property?
To obtain more detailed assessment/property information, you will need to contact the Township Assessor's Office.

For information regarding Property Taxes, you will need to contact the Rock Island County Treasurer's Office at (309) 558-3510.

For information regarding sold taxes, you will need to contact the Rock Island County Clerk's Officeat (309) 558-3572.
How current is the zoning classification information on the website?
The information used to display the search results is updated every 24 hours.
If the results of my search indicate that I should contact someone other than the Rock Island County Zoning and Building Department, can I obtain that contact information from your website?
Yes you can. Click here to go directly to the contact information table for zoning classifications.

Helpful Suggestions:
  • When using the "Search by Property Address and Zip Code" search, an entry of 123 in the address box with a zip code of 61201 would return a list of properties in Rock Island, Illinois that begin with "123". Note: Best results are usually obtained when entering just the house number and the zip code.
  • Not all parcels will have a property address. If you are using the property address and no records are found, it may be that the parcel is "land only". In that case, please search by "Township-Parcel" or "PIN Number".

Things you should know:
  • If your search results return an error other than "No Records Found", please e-mail Click to send e-mail to contact the Rock Island County Web Administrator.

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